SEALhorse [was missing]

This place used to be a safe place

now it’s a dead space

as she watched a boy push more sticks into the ground

do you like my stick graveyard he said

she smirked and nodded her head

he beamed briefly and continued his grand vision and task

I know the sticks are dead but maybe they will make new leaves and grow again

that’s not likely she said you can’t make dead things come back to life again

I know… I know… the boy said his voice cracking with hope and high pitched strands of urgent letters

but they…. COULD…? right his eyes creased and bright

she watched as the stones he swept with his hands piled high

the little mounds he patted neat with his bare little feet

he kept looking up expecting an answer she rolled her eyes and just sighed.

Yanis….she said I love….the things that pour from your head

the… little leaves wont sprout dictating with her arms remember like what we talked about

the little human looked bitterly at the ground he looked like he was going to cry

staring through the window a man wrapped his hands around her waist and on her shoulders his head

did you tell him?

i… couldn’t

his crossed wristed pressed into her tummy, his elbows gripped her iliac crest(s)

what the hell am I suppose to tell him?

that me his ‘sister’ is him mum and you his ‘brother’ are really his dad?

He put his arms round her neck; pulling her in,they were pressed close chest to chest

Each feeling the others rampant heartbeat

But hers was quicker in her breast

Look at him

Are we not blessed…?





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