MERCY [ squeak and they will come]

Dear Mouse,

You are wearing me thin, you don’t know this but my insomnia  is already bad enough as it is without your skitter scattering. You were quiet when they came to look for you  lucky clever you.

I know we are both just trying to survive.  I wouldn’t mind  having a companion  at least you have a heart beat  and good little set of vocal chords, yes I can hear you  and I don’t like it when your at times in distress.

I’m already on edge  mercy yeah I have named you  and I know I probably shouldn’t  but while  we are co inhabiting don’t see how it can hurt either you or me.

I have to tell you something… while you were quiet and i assume sleeping  or were you frozen and  listening?

the white boxes are bad and the block will make you ill and then…. we will both be…. forgotten

we are quite alike you and i  if only you knew…  there are sayings “she’s as timid as a mouse…”

It’s only when we squeak that they will come.

I will miss you (if only partially) then again you wouldn’t know


Kind regards
























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