Early morning meeting

,Last couple of days have not been great
I feel I am throwing my life away
nothing is stable nothing is clean although I am able I’m stained and still me

Why is it so difficult too do the thing that is fact
actually that’s a bit of a lie ,the only thing that I seem to be decent at
have the materials and the ideas I have obsessive tendencies action and thoughts and yet at times it still looses it’s appeal.

All I want to do is create, give breath and transfer souls
switching from death to life
one foot out of the dark unsure of the light
is that not enough? Then why all this turmoil, confusion and strife?

It just plain hurts, and the mls and units, steady on the rise
insomnia is back her smile as always strong and proud
her arms around my head cradling this mess
i’m refusing to take medication I know! depression chuckles…
but…i’m following your instructions, I’ve … I’ve….been participating without questions in your never ending tests
yeah we know and…
I know it’s fo-
what was that CAN’T HEAR YOU.. your such a poorly developed wretch
try to not take it to heart…don’t mumble honey
sing with us….

we all know it’s for the best

yeah… hug me tighter please both of you i’m swimming in shades of blue
this cliffs edge is frighting…there’s…there’s…rubble in my shoes
the world right now and always will be frighting and cold..
don’t forget cruel
ah! yes

You need us
isn’t that obvious honey
is she fucking serious?
who else is gonna take care of you?

Me…? I mutter sadly
their laughs and cackle ring low then loud then true

Now remember to keep your joule intake low
we will always be here to protect you
I hope so I whisper
I snuggle up to lonelinesses he finally made it to this meeting too


Image: Last kiss by Adam Martinakis


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