He stared at her face  all full of distaste

and thought about striking her to the floor

don’t you know how to make a home a home?

he spat  before heading to the door

he didn’t wanna look at her anymore

for those things she called eyes he just … SO….deplored


hair all pilled  high while simultaneously falling  down

thick to  bursting those  lips that quivered and made very little sound

don’t you wanna move?

don’t touch me  with those  hands of yours

oh I forgot you don’t have any .

you touch me again and I’ll make that  head of your match your  arms

now  buried deep in the cold cold ground.

I’ll have to extend  a couple of the flower beds now


Today was suppose to be a happy day

we are on our way to moving  new house

but you had to spoil it all

with your lack of grace and that  bitter  sullen face

why didn’t you just agree with me about the green paint?


Well I’m off now  can’t stay here

I’ll turn this negative into a positive

keep  this chin of mine up and  stand tall

see you in a couple of years or so

those eyes  of yours

just…UGHHH…. just so…. UGLY

I won’t miss them at all.













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