[A] May check in…

 They vowed they would  never depart from each others company        walking hand  in hand right up to  the gates of hell  and knocking .. not a whisper knock  a howling  in pain knock …just knocking simply.

One with a grin and the other just waves like familiar  creatures do.

they were slowly separating and it was disturbing, he did not like it one bit.

 the thoughts of literal consumption had reached their crescendo a few days ago and had killed themselves. so that was out.

and the whole staring  and starving thing  had yet to reach it’s  own conclusion.

 He could just blow up the safe or bury it  or  fill it up with water.

No he thought.

Then you would be responsible for two separate incidents of destruction… one being his own and that would not do.

 she wouldn’t mind… or would she in all her (new found) prissiness

He sighed.

His brain awash with maggots and gelatine.

The devils tongue was in his ear and his bastard hand resting on his shoulder.

Dead sparks and tiredness

Dead sparks and tiredness…

Cheer up purist clown

We are safe for now… are we not?

 image: Ivo Saliger


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