I am A. [Dirty Organism]

‘An organism is any contiguous living system, such as an animal, plant or bacterium.’

He stared at the cursor  mocking him as it blinked… “what you gotta say..”?

he paused

what would she do…

most likely throw a brick at a  duck [he smirked]

he  yawned

 She would be all technical and flirty and  baring arms…

mish matched clothes and her shiny shiny gun

with the hair style of crows

and skin of an asylum.

Blood soaked lips from eating her self

sitting on a pile of crumbs

mish matched clothes and her shiny shiny gun.

Grinning like a  like a serial killer before the head shot

bones so fragile, just breathing near  would irritate them.

  A  fabric ilium  and a knitted head,

her weeping doll  children  abandoned for bread.

Alcohol for blood he should be dead.

Clawing at  the wardrobe  dirty organism  is near

 miss you unraveled compass

Smoldering  kitten why aren’t you here…

 Your the one who set the timer,

she’ll worship the present you’ve just bought

in the dark,make  the hole in her chest a sparkling thought.

Did you want her to get sectioned? or pull her closer to your direction

stripping her down with warnings and  strange confections.

So you miss your sweetheart boy,  no time for sulk  nor mint or salt.

You are going to war.

Now shut the fuck up, [God damn it solider… protect the rest…]

although it kinna  was your fault?



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