[100 years]

To all who followed read and liked or just looked

 thank you.

she looked at him  and waited for approval eye lashes like  silk, fork all posed

hold still and close your eyes

she was grinning as the  layer  of super glue was applied

you ready? he asked

she nodded

the letters perfect he said quickly [that final easing]

he pulled her hair and stroked her face [his kind of apology]

take a deep final breath he  said he watched all the goosebumps flicker on and melt  in a panic…

everything went quiet.

He punched a hole in her chest  with his fist.

it’s for the best  he said sadly as all the goosebumps flickered off some one by one  others in batches.

he untied her hands  and picked her up of the chair and carried her to the wardrobe

sleep for 100 years he smiled  setting the timer and locking the door.

he tore up the letter

your safe now.


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