Nice [human being] :)

 Jesus Christ your  on fire this night time aint you. He sneered

 rejoining the ones who mock you ?  even blatantly in front of your face, with total disregard or with agenda’s at the wheel

stop laughing she snivelled  [like a  blackboard in a  tiny grinder with  whipped cotton undertones]

 I laugh because your attempts are amusing, it’s necessary. it’s sweet. what you did was admirable…

do…don.. don’t touch my pill box she yelled [ that different kind of noise laced with desperation,confusion and spots of pain]

it’s… mine she continued getting quieter and quieter

 he was  now laughing beyond the  normal realms [ hysterical and bright]

yours…. no it’s not….

nothing is ever yours…

not any more.

she watched him put it beyond her reach [on top the wardrobe]


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