no pressure release valve [splitting the surface into small surface elements]

 you seem better today she said folding her arms across bandages

his lack of response in the mornings wasn’t uncommon

what was was the humming and the grinding of teeth

i don’t think you appreciate  the  lengths  i give you

i give you enough to run to walk to play to explore

 you failed to mention you pulled off one of my wings before hand  and  put a  razor thin slit in the other she said staring out the window.

grey was the colour of the  months  it was always there watching quietly making notes and tutting

 all the ropes are measured precisely and cut  you know that.

the dogs have stopped biting, the barbed wire is recoiling.

The steam still scorches though doesn’t it she responded

this was a new type of game?

it is the gentlest restriction  I  can allow  but again you know that

stop being  magnetic flux

stop being a cup of 1/2 pennies

a  hand can turn into a fist  pretty fucking  quickly

Photo: imploding_vacuum_tube , high speed air flash gap [ from image hoard]


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