drifter :-) [pep & pazazz]

 you seem to be enjoying  that new eco, planet saving washing powder , you okay?

he watched her scrubbing like a mad woman

yes YES  I AM! she yelled all spring and wasps and sunshine

 you do know the washing machine was invented  in 1700.he said  with the usual concrete face

‘ Improvements were always received by the wisest in the world, whilst the prejudiced part…would for ever be inimical to reformation. …The marvellous washing mill of Beetham’s…has met the curses, execrations, and anathema of all the old laundresses, and young linen drapers in London: what then? Is not its utility apparent to every apprentice in the laundry? Are the caps and aprons of your ladies…to be cruelly tortured and torn by the hands of a drunken washerwoman?’
Thomas Hastings, The Regal Rambler, 1793

 she was  disturbingly receptive this evening

Laundering by hand; involves soaking, beating, scrubbing, and rinsing dirty textiles…’

she was disturbing,sugary … perceptive too…he wasn’t sure about it or how long it would last.

she looked good  in the distance chained to the sink

that strange mixture of rolling sadness, bubbly pep and  plain old tattered pazazz

where had they come from?

 why were they here?

he had given sleep and that tart procrastination a fair price…

Photo: dep-10-0-antique-bisque-doll. [ from doll specific hoard]


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