Your burning up honey…

   your unraveling honey…

 can’t you feel  the several strands of piano wire  around  your neck?

 all your atoms have slowed and are aligning in the glycerin  of  disease

the speckles of decay oozing  our of those tiny holes of yours.

Recidivism… body brace, bandages, an eye patch, cutting, splashing… the red hemoglobin  dance as it oxygenates  rushing to  pull  the two  slices  back into the holy matrimony of marriage, in parallel  and whole again.

Zebra lines/ Criss-crossing; vertical horizontal or diagonal

Bruising;  that multi colored patchwork of the body at work preservation  micro stamped  against every vessel, archery vain, cell and marrow…but not for you my gorgeous.

 Rubber :  erases but it can not erase you no matter how hard and with scorching a fever you jam it into  the skins surface and  sweep it up and down and in circles.

Headphones/Speakers;  drown  and drag down  the sickness  that lines the stomach, permeates the brain, shatters the eardrums and turns the teeth face numbingly sensitive

Windpipe/trachea/voicebox/; all useless to you now

Isolation; the scarf  that winds in the clocks, spinning the world outside the  thickening glass

 getting humid in here isn’t it…

De-oxygenated blood: the blood that is true and running before it  is funneled in all directions  some times through rips, holes , gouges and paper cuts it will funnel and clot  and stop running; the natural gummed plaster for preservation.

Again honey not  for you.

Again honey  in  spite of you

Again honey despite of you.



Photo: Olaf-Unverzart, Untitled, from the series fallen kann ich auch alleine 1999

Photo: Visible Woman by Perry Vasquez


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