um… hysterical laughing [ is not an email]

She wish the rain was a person…

he glared at her face made of salt

no you don’t

 he could always be replenished…some how


she had never seen gaff tape that width

don’t  conspire with jealously… not today

give me your arm

it was all straight and pretty full of tiny holes and Zopiclone

do you ever think… she started


Don’t make me break this piece of equipment

your skeleton…I want to see more

one of your many intricate dreams she grinned

your  deep rich criss cross zebra lines are standing out today…

try and keep them to a minimum

give me half your oxygen today his voice muffled and curved

she stood there extremely awkwardly as he wrapped her arm around his head and leaned against her

can’t breathe today… he whispered

his behavior  swallowed worry and ate into unman

her chest hurt as her ribs stretched for two






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