EXPERIMENT FAILURE 03.47AM [ good lights and bad lights]

You  fucking retarded child and creature. Did we not warn you? This is what happens if you cut me  and Miss Music off.

Were there not strange lights and  strange sounds.  Colored dots in the dark.. unmoving…  voices and children’s voices with no bodies and  sounds that wrapped the soul in plastic to watch it suffocate. didn’t I tell you what would happen?

Mr. Fog drew you in yes.. he could  believe that  making the yellow look; like mustard gas, her kina thing he knew.

 But he brought the lorry’s closer than you would have liked … didn’t the cars speed up… the cars were faster  than they have ever been.

 it is dangerous out there.

 Why arn’t you eating?

She picked at the muffin and watched it disintegrate.

Don’t piss me off even more. So eat it.

He watched her  compress the sweet crumbling matter between her fingers.

The hedge was clanking, like some one was trapped… windowless , corrugated metal room…  axes…. blood… criss-crossing wood…figures in pain… rape… torture…water…..disease…hands… tools…. oxygen regulation and depletion…

So you ran? and didn’t even investigate mmm?

She kept her mouth shut;eating her slippery tongue

The atoms in the  air … air … told me…  in screaming fits and waves to…to…to run. she stuttered…..ran a little …then walked…

 he peered down at her  through slits.  she was  pale forlorn.

 Don’t eat it with salt he said trying to be soothing .. his voice was wrong…  the new tactic would not swallow.

did you see him?

She wasn’t sure… her eyes lied continuously  but her skin talked ; she had felt him and him her.

It wasn’t clammy or damp  or shaking in rivers of fluids just normal.

 He was beyond sick with jealously.

He stared at the red thermos.

She  had ran towards the good lights… his lights. it was no comfort.

are you going to punish… she asked.

not sure. he said through gritted teeth we’ll have to wait and see.

she didn’t even find anything abandoned, fucking useless.

They laugh at you  for reasons you will never understand. We protect you for reasons you will never understand  he whispered watching her crash out on the desk. Didn’t even finish the muffin.

she had kissed betrayal and flirted with the bad lights.



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