And they say… [keep your chin up] [clown]


how’s your week been honey bee?

 she just laughs hysterically … what’s with the new  choice of name… she sniggered

he just stared at her for a bit then sniffed  give me the bloody lighter would you?  he continued slightly exacerbated.

she noticed.

he took the lighter from her excited  hands

she thought quickly [PATCH IT < FIX IT >>>FIX IT NOW…] so how have you been….  her voice…. the jittery worried voice

He leans  back and just laughs hysterically … smoking too with  excitable hands.

you need  to stop being so funny.

shes gripped  his  hand suddenly

 it frightened him.

don’t ever let go he thought swallowing silently

Photo; chin up November 1st 2015, clay, DID hand



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