… [Fog]

do you want to  just drop down dead  in a system that ‘s broken? his tone was flat and forward  [ the sound of someone who had just flat lined with no regrets]

she stared at the flower she had just sprayed grey [ she peered at it closely  and wondered at a structural level if it was dying, recoiling  and swearing at her  or in  a panicky state of  toxic preservation]

you going to answer?

don’t pull my hair she muttered

stop staring at the sky then…it’s not going to help you. the ground isn’t either or the buildings or the glass, nothing that is solid

everything hurts she breathed  pressing her spine into the wall [ rolling around in poppy seeds and splinters]

correction …

excuse me?

everything hurts  because it does not like you


Photo: updated prison weapon smuggling, 2015, cake, razor, photoshop [saturation,balance B&W]


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