Consumerism [Mandy eats glass while thinking]

  Consumerism is better than any medication any doctor can prescribe…?


The consumptions of things  is her  connection to people


 it’s the way she touches the world

It’s the way she interacts with it

it’s the way she learns about it


 faces blur and distort  but objects don’t  they catch her eyes faster burning brighter than the human soul…?




and conflicting …


 she likes  what  has been/  can be  / is being produced but doesn’t like the producers.

This is ‘ghost state…’ she grinned

 Don’t  want or need  your pity pills Mr .

Photo’s:  abandoned objects [industrial]?

Photo: charity finds; Pill box  and  glass heart with a hole in it.

28th October 2015, Canon, tissue paper, Roads


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