Unattractive, Unnoticable and Jejune [ Jam jar Observations]

She had seen the sky change form black to dark blue to purple from then on to light purple with creeping oranges and pinks to random greys  like mercury and feathered smoke  then without warning staring in the face of  pure crisp happy ‘sky blue’ . The unconscious  slinking darkness of the evening  soft like pencil shavings  on satin. No stars tonight, not for now, a simple blanket of  kissing blue and nervous black while deep rich purple looks on waiting by the door while  orange, white and hazy yellow lights bobbed playing hide and seek.

he loved to write letters but hated receiving them. Unusual for her  the writing was neat(ish) and spelling faults were to a minimum along with crossing out and random backwards letters.

coffee was tongue melting hot, very sweet, body was relaxed while the hand and eyes  grew tense the content of the letter was…

the world has changed  stranger, glass jars are getting thicker skin is getting thinner ,blood is becoming obsolete.  when viewing the pure crisp happy ‘sky blue’ sky everything was crystal clear. what must be done smoke it down and drown it out. we’ll never get better. the lake like melted blue plastic functions and preserves 20150918_103253

With the  sky unconscious  it’s slinking darkness bordering late. with your lights and tires they do not scare me Rush past on your way to destinations unknown and secret, yes walking hurts  yet bones do not. that jars glass is getting thicker… what if Miss Music  with all her truth  and support , non judge mental overflow and protection  is tightening the blind fold  our friendship can not be lies it just can’t… what is heard is frighting without her even if  just seconds or a change in track. that bit in the middle.  welcomed the concrete  the car watching,  the cold, the ale, the engine, the flatness, Human-being … punishment for human or punishment for just being…

 Is our relationship broken?

Did  she not keep my end of the bargain?

Unattractive, Unnoticable and Jejune  she is these things , she is not stupid. she is an unraveling compass

letters you like. Catch her?


‘Planned obsolescence or built-in obsolescence in industrial design is a policy of planning or designing a product with an artificially limited useful life, so it will become obsolete, that is, unfashionable or no longer functional after a certain period of time….’

Why are you still here stranger?


The coffee  now lukewarm and mediocre . No tip would be left.

He had never folded anything so delicate… it’s consumption wouldn’t be  rushed.

Photo:  Vintage J. Lizars ,slide/film projector Bulb

Photo: underground advertisement


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