The embalming of two [ don’t touch me with your rotting legs]


I  thought I could breath life into objects she said  sadly but  it is not in me to do so 

do you want a hug?  he said stroking her spine  he could feel the vertebrae  every single one on the way down through the cloth through the skin … the closer to the bone the sweeter the meat he smiled pulling her bra strap.

no I don’t  want a fucking hug I want you to listen …just listen she trailed off

I’m listening he said softly : 19 vertebrae ( 12 thoracic,5 lumbar, sacrum  and coccyx) out of  33 vertebrae  pressed into his rib cage and abdomen  the  remaining 7 cervical  brushed his throat and shoulder as her neck bent.  she wanted  to  cuddle before  all the misery spilled out onto the pavement like lard and black glitter in the sun.

I  am negative she whispered

“Art comforts the disturbed, and disturbs the comforted.”,  has anyone ever told you that before?


well it’s something to comfort you while your dying, her hair was half straw like and half fluffy

where did yo-

 it’s none of your business he cut her off sharply he watched her crush a beetle into the concrete with the tip of her shoe, your a cold callous bitch he laughed

no I’m not …she said sadly it was moving in my time of grief. nothing should move

I wish I could eat your pain

you would live for ever  she mumbled

wanna  get a  coffee?

don’t try and save  me she  sniffed rubbing her face

oh I would never do that he continued nuzzling her neck .Her  tears tasted of lime and pepper,  I enjoy watching you falling

still guiding me … to where the rocks are she replied staring at the tires of a passing car.


the sharpest.

Photo: Sweet face through latex -Deja Novu /GT6 Photography [Tumblr]

Photo: Hysteria

Photo: Offering by Drawkill [Deviant Art]