The proposal [the very odd meeting of bricks, mint and vinegar]

Will you marry me? he said straight faced and cold. He watched the wind bite her face howling and screaming her way past  up towards the tree’s scaring the leaves and all who nestled and clung to them she gleefully continued upsetting the bricks of the under pass. taking off some of their fine protective layer of dirt and mold and neglect. the wind was happy so she calmed. she had done her job and too a most excellent standard. the rain owed her a new dress.She had been late.

The woman he was talking to stared at him  it was only  when he pressed his hand into  a smaller smeared hand indentation that he realized what she had done.  skin hot skin. the signs of a firm quick slap.What a stupid fucking question to ask.

he really should of punched her in her face  instead he just watched her flouncing off. he groaned as he got up. chasing her was normally fun but not this time. he watched all the dead grass  release themselves  into the winds hands as she started her journey back. a long slow walk for both of them.

the woman was leaning  against a lamp post  she caught his eye and started running. he was not a runner.  he continued his heavy  steady walking looking for something to throw.

the brick hit her  shoulder .she couldn’t tell weather it was laughing before or after it had struck her.

stop  running it said with it’s little rock mouth.

another piece of brick hit her square in the back

fucking hell just stop will you… this one said  out of breath and panting just a little.

another piece  hit her in the ear. STOP  it hissed clearly with blood dripping down into it’s little eyes as it’s little forehead furrowed.

she stopped  as a fifth piece finally  took out her legs. while one leg consoled the other comparing a gash to  bruises she sat up and hauled her self to the hedge at the side of the car park. prickly voyeuristic hedge.

what do you want she muttered staring up at the  warm shadow that loomed over her.

i’m not asking for love nor do i want yours she slurred. you don’t have a soul so i ask again what do you want from me?

the warm shadow’s blood still raged.

I want… a soul it said after a long observation,  it wished the continuous static in the air  would go away.

you’ve  got one that you don’t want… I want it.

all they both could taste was mint and vinegar.