what are you doing? [voyeurism splicing]

Voyeurism splicing

…. we will build our way of life here ….and set fire to it like oil without a moment’s notice… make no  mental note of the faces you see in the smoke….walking with confidence in stride, no eye must look back as they burn and clamber… no eye must look back with regret but with a smile.- L. N. Conerty, date unknown

whas this his name

was this hi

was this his name? it will not be good to wonder to long she thought.

Have you ever stared up at a crying sun? he had never tried to end it before, the letters were  to neat and tidy.

A photocopy, he was new to this.

The sun burns  24 hours  and more. Doesn’t it get tired carrying the moon, best not to wonder about that either she thought, as she prepared to roll down the hill.

whas this his name

was this

was his?

The paper was crunched, tattered and inked but in her hands.

Keep rolling  he thought  keep  rolling…enjoy the sun

photo: face adaptation, 2014, super sculpty