Isolation, Celebration or Debilitation?

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Plagues, Epidemics, and Outbreaks

In The Plague, the main characters mainly have two different reactions to their circumstances.  During a time like the Plague, where in order to stay safe you must isolate yourself, different people are bound to react differently to the fear of solitude.  We have discussed in class how the sheer fear of isolation could be a big factor in why the Plague epidemics were so widespread; because people would rather have company and expose or be exposed to carriers of the Plague than to be safe by themselves.  Some people are willing to forego isolation out of morality and want to help others.

Rieux and Castel both worked incredibly hard to help Plague victims, despite having to be in close quarters with Plague carriers.  Rieux had to push away his worries about his wife in order to concentrate on treating the ill in the town he was stuck in which…

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