cleansed like a rusty drowing cog [ what do you really want] [?]

Are you for real? he said [silence] does it matter? she finally said not really he said  then lets leave it as a mystery she said. If I hugged you would you crumble  into dust?  it’s best to stay where you are she said my sinking heart will obliterate your feathered fragile one. He smirked  you do know feathers  with all there hastily plucked softness can cause harm do you want me to go into detail…  sitting on the counter she swung her legs hard and smashed her heels into the bottom cupboards, stones are not affected by boiling water but feathers are  have you ever boiled one?  their disintegration is… mesmerising.

Do you want sugar? he said taking the kettle off the hob, I’d  sit very still if I were you  we both know the tenderness of skin is though.

Hush now she whispered smiling.

    Oh the fickleness of sugar.

photo: who are you?,2012, barbie , 1/6th (playscale) bath, microsoft word,paint