# hashtag the god damn truth [A very dissapointing ‘human being’]

stumbling across smoldering mirrors the fragments of  billowing sliver  don’t even hurt crush them.

stare sideways at the realization  of what a disappointing ‘being’  really is

mark the face with shame

mark the tummy with apathy

mark the eyes with bitterness.

mark your legs with sad moments

mark the throat with crosses… many many crosses

mark the hands with tears… tears of acid  or salt it doesn’t matter anymore

don’t mark the nose just cut it off and scramble the ribs , spleen and one kidney

wrap the heart in tissue   mark it with a stream of numbers along with the stomach  and liver.

strain the alcohols from the intestines and never speak of this again

the trachea must stay in its tube   it is safe there. leave it there.

watch this shambles  and laugh at it not with it with the others from the hill top

photo: dandelion,2015, Dandelion