dream is collapsing [collapsing with the faliure of unconciousness] [intent]

Sometimes i’s like  walking around  with various sizes of petrol/ galosine cans  and dowsing  frequently  ( always in appropriate and polite  way of course  can not disrupt those around, make a scene… although the continuous  silent screaming  is always present and forward it never interrupts the busy flow of shuffling and eyes and teeth and the protective single bubble(s) of ‘others’.)

staying still for a moment  keep walking  keep running keep quiet keep tripping keep falling  keep being sick keep smiling keep solemn faced keep laughing do not keep a career do not keep stable do not keep unstable just keep…

at the corners of  eyes  a dying sun marches towards flittering focu.. don’t focus


it’s not a dying sun  it’s a mirror that has set it’s self on fire  and is running past  into the wilderness of… even it doesn’t know where.

how unfortunate … maybe

can’t replicate it

cant create it

can only notice it

can only admire it

can only save it in a folder

visual pain of  image(s) and sound(s)

stare after the mirror running in a blaze of glory

go on WATCH IT…

….running and running and running…