How to explain Stop Motion? [ like seriously]

Phil Malloy -Brush and Ink animation -Extreme Animation 1991-2001

The animation tree has branches like  film has genres (which animation is apart of )





yet  mention STOP MOTION  [insert blank stare]  or [ oh really…]  the explanation begins… single frames, plasticine, clay mixed media …armatures….patience… pencils… tiny movements…limitless…

So below is a damn fine example Morel Orel  yes this gorgeous dark show was canceled  and ran for 3 seasons

Morel Orel Nature Rant 2005/6-2009 


Stop motion – Birthday Love  by MrBobykiwi  2015

 I created this video in stop motion on a whiteboard for my girlfriend’s birthday

A beautiful stop motion animation made only with a wipe board, a pack of post it notes, a wipe board pen,  some Scrabble tiles and other very basic equipment. Superb and inspiring stuff!